What We Make

This site is dedicated to shower puck designs for men.
We make the 3 part molds for you to use in your Bath Bomb / Shower Puck business.
Each mold is a 3 part mold which includes a “Bottom Plate” with the 3-D design,
A center section which is known as the “Container”,
and, of course,  the “Top Puck”.
The “Top Puck” will, at times, have a 3-D design carved into it if it’s part of a 2 sided mold.
Each section is app. 3.5’” X 3.5” X 1” thick and made from the highest quality HDPE.
When used to its fullest capacity your finished product should be about 2.5” x 2.5” x 1” thick.
Of course you can adjust the amount of material in the mold to control the overall thickness.
On each page we will also suggest a fragrance for that specific mold, but it’s just a suggestion.
All Molds are compatible with BathBomb X-Press presses.